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What if we need to cancel a booking?

Please bear in mind that last time cancellations are very harmful for every escape room. We lose a slot and other players that wanted to play can't do it.

In case you need to cancel, please call us at +34 611 43 00 33 or email us with a minimum of 24h in advance. a ticket will be provided to you in order to book for another occasion. Unfortunately, in case of cancelling in the last 24h you will lose your slot and your booking fee,

Where are your rooms located?

Wonderland & Nightmare are located at Avenida Docor Waksman 5. The Magical Hallows and The Wizards Tournament located at Calle Alcoy 6.

How many people are allowed per room?

The maximum capacity depends on each room. Consult it at Book" tab.  If you are going to be more, please contact us at 611 43 00 33 or at our email as we can organize it for more people booking several rooms.

Are the rooms difficult? ¿What’s Sherlock mode?

We designed our rooms to be a challenge even for the most experienced groups. This doesn’t mean that if it’s yours first time you won’t succeed! Sherlock mode is recommended only for true escape experts, as the rooms are difficult per se.

Do you do anything special for birthdays, anniversaries…? Can I gift the experience?

Sure! Such a special day deserves a detail. If you come 5 minutes before your Schedule we can hide your presents inside the room so he/she can find them while playing.

If you want a Gift Voucher, you can find it in our "Gift Voucher" tab

What age is recommended for coming? Can you organize kids’ birthdays?

Everybody can play! We’ve had from 6 years old children to 90’s ladies and they loved it. In fact, Wonderland is perfect for families as the diversity of engimas is wide, so both adults and kids can enjoy it.

Yes, we organize kids’ birthdays. We adapted Wonderland so they can play together with the help of our game master. Ask us at and we will tell you how we can make it so they have the best birthday ever!

How do I organize my Team Building event?

Several companies already came so we’re very experienced on doing it. Best timings for these events are weekends mornings as we can close the place just for you. For a better understanding of your needs please contact us at You won’t regret!

It’s our first time. What game should we play first?

If it’s your first time, we recommend Wonderland or The Wizards Tournament. Nightmare is a bit different from other escapes in Valencia so it is very shocking when you play after playing other games. The Hallows is a bit more complex so we recommend playing it after having managed the other two rooms

What if we are not pucntual?

Punctuality is very important for every escape room. If you come later than the scheduled hour, then we might reduce your game duration to adjust to the schedule. We dislike doing that, but it’s needed as nobody should suffer your lack of punctuality. Morevoer, if you arrive earlier than the scheduled time, we might be resetting the room so you may wait for some minutes. In summary, please come at the time you booked the game. If anyway you are going to come earlier or later, let us know by phone at +34 611 43 00 33.

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